Our Services

Blimp is the answer to all your digital marketing needs. We provide the following services.

Strategy & Advisory

Need additional help to shape up your marketing strategy? We help brands design an innovative strategy for assessing their goals and the potential for growth which helps them in standing out. We ensure that our strategy benefits you by delivering both short-term and long-term value.  Integrate Blimp into your core marketing team to leverage our expertise in retail, education, health, travel, hospitality and technology sectors.

Training & Development

Need to get your marketing team up-to-date with the latest digital trends and have a leading edge on your competitors? Our training guarantees that you do not miss out on any new approach in the fast-paced industry. We work with the Government, the corporate sector & development organizations to provide training in digital skills and share in-depth knowledge on the most recent digital trends.

Social Media Marketing

We help brands increase their visibility in the social media space with versatile ideas, innovation, and creativity. Our social media marketing service includes strategy, content development & monitoring, and management. We make sure that your target audience doesn’t miss you out among the clutter of social media posts using content that stands out. Blimp provides a solution that provides maximum engagement of your brand with your valuable customers.

Photo & Video Production

We believe that any marketing strategy starts with quality content production and in digital space, it is no different. We not only use our in-house production team to produce quality content but also plug into your existing production house to make sure the content produced works well on digital channels. Blimp brings out the best visual story of your brand which can grasp everyone’s attention.

Web Design & Development

We are very efficient in converting coffee into code. Need a website for your new project or redoing your old one? Want your vision to be projected perfectly on the web? Interested in having your brand’s story heard in a new, creative way? You’re just in the right place. Get in touch with us today. Blimp also offers a range of email & web hosting solutions.

Branding & Design

Building a strong brand requires more than just a logo. And Blimp knows it really well. From out-of-the-box logo concepts to detailed brand manuals and from an appealing visiting card to vivid print ads, we do it all. Blimp is a one-stop shop for all your branding requisites. We bring your imagination to life with our designs which are a true reflection of your brand.

Printing & Merchandising

Tired of your jhangi next-door printers and the tantrums they throw at you? Well, it will happen no more! Let us handle quality control & give you the best possible printing results. Whether it’s a yearly report or swag for your upcoming event, we have you covered with our awesome quality. Just say the word and we’ll provide you with the best.

Activation & Event Management

We have extensive experience in organising world class events. If you are looking for an experienced event management team with the right skill-set, who can take the burden off your shoulders and manage everything, then look no further. You don’t have to get your hands on the tedious work for your event because Blimp is going to do it for you.