Empowering Citizens through Digital Transformation

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Right to Information Revolution

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In an era where access to information plays a vital role in fostering transparent governance and empowering citizens, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Information Commission (KPIC) has embarked on a groundbreaking journey towards establishing a more accountable and transparent environment. Through the implementation of the Right to Information Act 2013, KPIC aims to empower citizens by providing them with easy access to information regarding government departments. In collaboration with Blimp Digital Marketing & PR, KPIC has undergone a significant digital transformation, revolutionizing the way citizens interact with the commission and access vital information.

Previously, submitting complaints to government departments was a cumbersome process that required physical visits or constant follow-up calls. However, KPIC has embraced a holistic information management system, shifting from conventional hardcopy complaints to a streamlined digital process. With the introduction of an online complaint submission system, citizens can now conveniently lodge complaints from the comfort of their homes. The adoption of a tracking number system ensures that citizens receive timely updates on the status of their complaints, eliminating the need for repetitive inquiries.To tackle the issue of pending complaints, KPIC has implemented a complaint management system that categorizes and addresses each complaint based on its nature. Through an integrated module, the commission effectively manages the pendency of complaints, striving to reduce delays and improve efficiency. This transition to digital operations has revolutionized data management, providing higher management with better insights and the ability to monitor complaint progress effectively. By leveraging digital tools, KPIC aims to create an environment that fosters accountability and transparency.

KPIC has taken significant strides in enhancing its social media presence and creating awareness about the Right to Information (RTI) by collaborating with Blimp. Through an engaging social media campaign across multiple platforms, viewers are educated about their rights and the importance of accessing information. Blimp’s expertise and support have not only strengthened KPIC’s online presence but have also led to the reformation and enhancement of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information website. These digital channels provide citizens with easy access to the information they seek, promoting transparency and accountability.KPIC’s website and social media pages serve as centralized hubs where citizens can effortlessly access information. In case the required information is not available through these mediums, individuals can file an information request with the Public Information Officer of the relevant department. The KPIC website offers a database of contact details for Public Information Officers, ensuring ease of communication. In instances where departments fail to provide information within the stipulated time period, citizens can file complaints with KPIC via email, phone, or in person. Additionally, the Facilitation Centre Staff assistindividuals who are unable to read or write, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

The support and sponsorship from GIZ &IMSciences have played a pivotal role in making these advancements possible. Together, all four organizations (KPIC, GIZ, IMSciences& Blimp) have strived to enhance citizen facilitation, transparency, and access to vital information.As Khyber Pakhtunkhwa continues to prioritize transparency and accountability, these groundbreaking initiatives serve as a blueprint for other regions aiming to empower citizens through digital transformation.

We have had an exceptional experience with Blimp, as they demonstrated close collaboration with our team throughout our transition from a conventional to a digital management system. Team Blimp consistently provided support and solutions to every challenge we encountered during this process”.

Farah Hamid Khan
Chief Information Commissioner, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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