Healthcare Communication in the Digital Age

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Quality healthcare is one of the necessities of life that developing countries have been deprived of for decades. To bridge the gap between quality healthcare and the population of the region, Team Blimp joined hands with Rehman Medical Institute, a tertiary care medical facility for the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Taking over such an influential profile involves much detailed information, thus increasing both stress and attention to detail by a tenfold. Being significantly different from all the other profiles Team Blimp works with, all of our team members worked dedicatedly without catching a break. Working with RMI enhanced not only the work endurance of our team members but also challenged their style of working, thinking and delivering.

Team Blimp put together their heads and brainstormed the possible loopholes of extending quality healthcare to the society. Digital tools combined with creativity and problem solving, our team devised a customised marketing and advertising plan for RMI. Our domain included developing a unique media plan, delivering apt content writing, disseminating general healthcare awareness, planning and executing healthcare campaigns, familiarising people of the region and across the border with the facilities and doctors available at RMI, redeveloping the official website, introducing telemedicine services and producing relevant print material.

Team Blimp took all the advertising matters in their own hands and yielded results like never before. From August to September 2020, RMI has generated over 5 million impressions, landed 50,000 people on the website, generated 3770 leads and has been talked about approximately 0.3 million times. Yielding such high-impact results gives Team Blimp an immense sense of accomplishment. Our team looks forward to delivering accurate healthcare information for the betterment of the society while providing them access and ease to quality healthcare itself via digital tools.

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